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"An alliance is a relationship between people or groups that have joined together for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose."

Thought leaders all, these are some of the best and brightest at what they do. Learning and Education. Talent and Human Capital. Finance and Investment. Strategy and Execution.  All part of the ecosystem where the future of work intersects with the future of learning. Creators and enablers. Skilled at working together, making a difference, and delivering results.

Whether a single person or a highly integrated team, we gather the right resources at the right time to meet your unique needs.

Change Ready Solutions


Helping businesses lead, innovate, and grow, inclusively

 Businesses must think innovatively, from the team to enterprise level, or they'll fade away. The key to innovative thinking is divergent thinking from diverse people. We provide consulting, training and facilitator certification to Facilitators, Managers, Execs  and Teams, to enable their business to leverage diversity, equity and inclusion for greater innovative thinking.

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Unlock the potential and passion of your entire workforce.

The Compensation & HR Group (CHRG) provides compensation and human resources consulting services that organizations require in order to attract, motivate and retain talent. Our broad expertise and strategic consulting help HR Professionals and Executives to develop competitive compensation and human resources programs.



Integrated talent management solutions

ITS is a technology-enabled global talent management consulting firm. Our company’s mission is to enable you to achieve greater financial return and market success by optimizing your talent investment.

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Empowering purpose-driven leaders to scale team impact through the strategic use of networks

Through our solutions, we empower people to change the world by building diverse teams, networks and innovation ecosystems that can solve big problems and drive opportunities for growth.  Using Network IQ, a measure of Network Intelligence., we define this kind of intelligence as an ability to use social networking to innovate and grow. The Network IQ Index is based on 7 skills: Network Strategy, e-Networking, Engagement, Empowerment, Digital Communication, Collaboration for Diversity, and Influence.

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Sharing our expertise to create your learning solution

We help organizations make sense of the dynamics and create practical, sustainable education solutions to sustain organizational vitality and foster an innovative spirit.

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Translating Strategy into Value Creating Actions

We are your finance, operations and transaction support partner.  If you are looking to expand, sell or turnaround your business we have the expertise to help you.  We are your Chief Value Officer.

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