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Inquiry. Expertise. Intuition. Innovation.

Wide lens. Fresh eyes. Our clients work with us because like us, they value collaborative wisdom and insight gained from real-world experience, combined with a child-like inquisitiveness. Seek first to understand. Be willing to listen and learn. Mix these insights together with creativity and innovation, thought leadership, contextual relevance, and a real-world sensibility. Then blend together with agility and design for applicability. Build for a journey, not an event.

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Expert Guidance and Support

Vision. Purpose. Culture. Strategy. Structure. Metrics. Product Portfolio. Design and Development. Customer Experience. Implementation Planning and Execution. Sales and Marketing. These are many of the key pieces that power the world's leading learning and talent development functions.

What's the best approach for your organization? We can help you assess, design, build, scale, and/or reinvent your organization's learning and talent development capabilities.

We have a proven track record of helping organizations of all shapes and sizes. From Local to Global. In-house to External ProvidersCorporate to Higher Education Institutions. For-Profit and Non-Profit.



Building  Impactful and Sustainable Learning Experiences and Programs

Need to create competence, build skills and develop capabilities? Have a product or idea that needs to be supported through learning? Looking to scale your current product offerings? Whether you are a content creator, supplier, or consumer, we can help you plan, implement and scale your efforts.

We have helped build and scale successful global corporate education programs including:

  • Award-winning Stanford Advanced Project Management program (SAPM);

  • Duke Corporate Education Adaptive Strategic Execution program (ASEP);

  • Multi-modality curriculums for commercial learning providers in Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Talent Management, Adaptive and Agile Project Execution, and more;

  • Customized solutions for in-house corporate L&D functions of all sizes

A Learner-Centered Experience: Contextually relevant. Highly applicable. Profoundly useful. Learn by doing.

Designed with Purpose: Innovative. Journey not event-based.  Multi-modality. Right sized. Developed with agility. Measurable impact.

These are the hallmarks of our learning programs and experiences.



Guiding the Learning Journey

Expertise. Credibility. Inclusive. Engaging. Listens. Guides. Practical. Profound. Applicable. Global.

These are just some of the words used to describe our facilitators, educators and coaches.

We are practitioners and thought leaders - subject matter experts in areas that include:

who have an affinity and competence to teach, facilitate and coach. Combining real world experience and research with domain expertise is our passion and mission. We have learned by doing, and we enable others to do same.

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Agile Strategic Execution

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Leading Effective Teams

  • Attracting, Developing and Retaining Top Talent

We have broad experience delivering to both onsite, as well as virtual audiences, around the globe. Understanding the importance of contextually relevant, culturally appropriate content, design and delivery has led to our success with audiences from Europe to the Middle East, from India to China, from AsiaPacific to the Americas.



Providing Expertise to Meet Your Challenges and Enhance your Organization's Ability to Thrive

Are you looking to:

  • Improve how work gets done in more agile, adaptable, and innovative ways?

  • Attract, develop and retain top talent? 

  • Leverage inclusion and diversity for breakthrough innovation?

  • Embed an organizational culture of learning?

  • Develop your teams and their leaders, and build team and individual member skills and capabilities?

We have a broad and deep alliance that spans the human capital, learning and education, and strategy execution domains, all with the proven ability to get results.

Our partners are world-class experts -  practitioners and thought leaders in their domains, with compatible yet unique approaches, solutions and services. We match you with the expertise you need, and can help you engage collectively or individually based on your unique needs.

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