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Collaborators, Curators and Thought Leaders

Throughout my career, I have been honored and humbled to work with, and to work for, an amazing collection of individuals and organizations.

In 2019, I established Wasserman Learning Alliance with the explicit purpose of creating opportunities to work with like-minded colleagues from around the globe, leveraging their immense talent and expertise, diversity of thought, and unique perspectives and background, in order to develop truly innovation, world class solutions for our clients.

At WLA, our goal is to gather our partners and come together as needed, assembling into rapid response teams, to help you create innovative, often transformational solutions. Solutions that help you address your greatest opportunities, and/or solve your greatest challenges . 

Our clients work with us because, like us, they value wisdom and insight gained from research and real-world experience, combined with a child-like inquisitiveness and willingness to learn together.

And they work with us because we care. We care about your organization and its desired results. We care about your individual contributors who deliver those results. We care about your customers, clients, and end users. And we care about you and we we care about making a difference.

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